Why Are Google’s Image Search Results for iPad So Jacked Up?

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I found the most convincing proof I’ve seen that Google is making a Tablet. I found it while hunting down screenshots and pictures of the Apple iPad using Google Image Search. No matter how hard I tried I kept coming up with everything but pictures of the iPad.

That’s an excerpt from a post by Marc over at the Ilium Software Blog.  It caught my eye and I thought I’d try my luck with image searches for iPad.  My results were just as bad, as you may be able to see in the above screencap. 

The first page of image results for a Google search for ‘Apple iPad’ yielded not a single image of the actual device, and lots that are of mockups of the device before release – and most not even close to the real appearance of the iPad.

I tried searching for just ‘’iPad’ and got results that were just as bad.  I even tried giving Google a big headstart by adding ‘site:apple.com’ to the search, and still got tremendously poor results on the first page.

Searching for just ‘iPad’ on Bing yielded much better results, with at least a good handful of images of the real device.  Even using the very old school Altavista search engine got me far better results and several good pics of the real iPad, as shown below.


It really does seem very odd that Google’s image results are so terribly poor for the iPad.

So is Marc correct in suspecting that this is further proof of a Google tablet coming soon?  If not, what are the reasons for these results?

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