Will Apple Announce a New 7 Inch iPad Model at Next Week’s Event?

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Mike Cane seems convinced that Apple will be announcing a new 7-inch version of the iPad very soon – likely at their latest ‘Special event’ on September 1.

I don’t see how Apple can not do this.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is an Android 2.2-based tablet with a seven-inch screen.

It looks damn slick in this promo video.

I don’t see how Apple can let smaller and less-expensive tablets such as this tempt people away from the iPad.

The iPad is vulnerable both on the issues of price and size.

I don’t feel 100% convinced we’ll see this announced next week, but I do think Mike’s argument makes sense.  Check out his two posts on this subject here:



What do you all think of a 7-inch iPad model?  Will we see one soon?  Would you want one at this new size?

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3 thoughts on “Will Apple Announce a New 7 Inch iPad Model at Next Week’s Event?”

    1. I would wait at least for these few days to see if anything gets announced at the Apple event on Wednesday.

  1. I don't want it. I don't have iphone because is too small. iPad is perfect for me now.
    I think we will see 7-inch soon in the stores

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