Wow, I Thought I Was an Apps Addict

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It looks like maybe Apple’s amazing ‘Wall of Apps’ at WWDC may not involve that much high-tech wizardry – it might just be Robert Scoble’s iPhone chopped up into segments for display at the event. Smile

In just the past week more than 30 of my 356 apps on my iPhone 4 have updated.

356 apps! Yowza. I thought I was a big-time apps addict. I now feel like a bush leaguer. I’ve only got 220 apps between my iPhone 4 and my iPad!

I spotted Robert’s crazy number of apps in his recent post on Windows Phone looking like ‘all hat and no cattle’ – a very good read by the way.

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7 thoughts on “Wow, I Thought I Was an Apps Addict”

  1. Another huge number! My 220 is those *currently installed* on my iPad an iPhone though. Are you all counting installed ever kinda thing?

  2. Cripes! I'd forget what I even had installed with that many. I've got a tonne of apps on my iMac, closing in on 750 now – but I've only got 96 installed, a good few of which are due for the chop. Don't you find it difficult searching through them all?

    1. Bear in mind, 108 are on my iPhone 4, and 112 on my iPad. I also have my home screens arranged pretty well and use folders with the 4.2 beta – so I don't forget about any of them too often.

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