Yes! – Confirmation of a Crucial Feature on the iPad

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OK – sorry about that, I couldn’t resist.

9to5Mac have a post up today with a good set of screenshots showing some deeper bits of the iPad UI.  They include the beauty shown above, the optional battery percentage indicator in the status bar.  You know, the one that Apple lets iPhone 3GS users have, but deems just too magical for older model iPhones.  Lucky for us, the iPad makes it into the battery %age club.

For several more good screenies showing ‘tidbits’ of the iPad interface, check out 9to5Mac’s article here:

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2 thoughts on “Yes! – Confirmation of a Crucial Feature on the iPad”

  1. Haha, I guess you can consider that a crucial feature, more like expected feature. As Apple and iPhone ethusiasts, what are your thoughts as the days to the launch of the iPad nears? Although I’m excited to see what developers will bring to it, that’s about it. It hasn’t grabbed the general publics attention like the iPhone or other mobile releases. In reality, we are looking at a enlarged iPod touch, not iPhone because it lacks a camera as well. This should be renamed to the couch websurfing computer. I try and think of times when I would most use an ipad, and it’s simply on a couch or lying on a bed. But anyways, let’s hope Apple surprises us with some untold features ;)

    1. As you might expect, given the nature of this site, I'm excited about the iPad, and can think of plenty of use-cases for it apart from just couch- surfing :)

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