Your iPad is squirming! CNET October 2010 Reports “Study shows touchscreen devices riddled with Germs”…

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Now I am not a germaphobe but that got my attention.

Only after we began developing MOBiLE CLOTH did we discover the particular formulation we were using “removed up to 98% of bacteria and up to 93% of viruses with water alone (no chemicals)”  according to a study done by the EPA. If you add a cleaning solution it achieves over 99% effectiveness.


The above image is a super close up of MC – it shows the super fine strands that make MC work so well.

This is amazing if you think about it. Especially this time of year! I have a 2 year old and it seems like someone always has a cold in our house.

Think about your kids and/or friends who want to try out your new iPad… Put it under a microscope and watch it squirm.  However a few swipes with the “MC” and you have no need to worry.

Use your MOBiLE CLOTH dry for quick fingerprint removal.

MC works on ALL touchscreens safely and effectively. There really is no faster, better way to “Clean Your Screen” Starting at $2.99 it won’t break the bank.

Order Now and you will receive an additional single pack FREE with purchase of 4 or 6 pack!!!
Have a prosperous week!  John Hartigan, Founder/President

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