Dating Apps Are The Virtual Nightclubs To Find Your Date

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In the fast moving society the younger generation has no time for social hangouts and parties and if they do have such leisure time they have do not have the right kind of partner to spend their fun time. There are some digital guys who spend their ‘me-time’ with the digital gadgets. If a gadget is used as a television, movie theatre and a gaming console, why not use them as a matchmaking platform. This new thought gave rise to a new business in the market to create an exclusive app that is used for dating. There are many dating apps available in the market that offers the young men and women to choose a partner of their interest either to begin a serious or a casual relationship.

Dating App Based on Interests
The dating apps are developed with a user specific business model which helps in hooking up with people with similar thoughts. There are dating apps available for those who are not interested in building up a relationship, but are will involve in casual relationships. For those who wish to find their loved one begins a serious relationship can also fulfill their needs using the dating app that is designed for those people. The Indians and the South Asians can find their match with the help of the dating apps and there are dating apps available online that is meant for the rich and single people to find a partner for themselves. People with disabilities, music lovers and teenagers can find their couple through the dating app. There are exclusive dating apps for the bisexuals, transgender, gays and lesbians to find the love of their life.

About sixty two percent of the people said that finding a partner using the dating app was much easier than finding partners in the clubs or through friends or in pubs. They felt it more comfortable to approach the person and then sharing their interests and later meeting up for the first date.

Investment Hike
The popularity of the dating site has increased the revenue of the app providers because of the rocketing number of participants accessing the dating app. With the use of the technical algorithm and the latest technology the dating app business receives a more number of investors venturing into the business. As days pass by there is a steady growth in the number of youngsters accessing the app and finding their love partner. One of the dating apps, okCupid acquired fifty million dollars in 2011 and some dating apps receive revenue mainly from the advertisements posted in their app than the direct payment made by the users.

The women are more active in using the dating app because of the urbanization and professional independence. Ninety eight percent of the women in the dating app are independent professionals from major cities aged between 19 and 25 and are more enthusiastic in finding their partner.

Mobile Cupid
A study report reveals that in 2013 for the first time the number of users accessing the mobile phones apart from their phone calls increased to that of the PC or laptop users. This is because of the app that is readily available for the mobile users to swipe a button to meet their date. About thirty nine percent of the online dating is through the mobile application; apart from the e-dating the mobile dating app provides a different experience for the users accessing the app where they can meet the person and gets to know about them. The mobile app is used by many millennial because of the location tracking system; the easy snap and send photos and the anytime sharing banter of the messaging. The app provides a person to make a genuine connection with their partner for hard time in finding their love in the real-time.

Unique Feature of the Dating Apps
The dating app HowAboutWe is structured in such a way that it provides only the activity suggestions and not the profile matches which makes it more secure and real-time oriented. The okCupid generates match scores on multiple choice questions, the users are allowed to register in the app only if they score 30. This will enable the app to restrict the unfit user from joining the app. The dating app Wyldfire is an invite only app for the men, so men can join until they receive approval from the women. Tinder allows the users to share their Facebook profile or LinkedIn profile to make sure that the person they are chatting with does not have a fake profile.
Most people think that Tinder is an online dating app with an entertainment factor but does not an ultimate productive dating application, and the in long term dating market there is no real time meeting. Often the dating apps involve winks, pokes, continuous chats without actually meeting.

Mathematical Algorithm
The process of categorizing a profile with another profile depending on the common interest and wavelength is the main point put forth by the dating app’s algorithm. In 2012 the journal paper Psychological Science in the Public Interest was authored by 5 researchers in which they wrote that the mathematical algorithm proposed by the dating apps have no evidence in supporting the matchmaking than the fostered means of finding a dating partner.
But whatever the research reports or the study material says, the dating app acts as a cupid in making people fall in love to cherish their love either by means of a casual or serious relationship.

Romantic Perks
After days of chatting and getting to know each other, the new couple decides on going out for a date when they feel that it is the right time to make their move, for those who are not confident enough in planning a date or feels shy need not worry in preparing a romantic date. Most of the dating app companies partner with the restaurants and café in major cities where they help in planning the date night. The dating apps provide free basic subscription or free access of the app for a limited period of time and later include the service premiums. Some dating apps conduct events, and provide gift coupons and special offers to sustain the users in accessing their app. These meetings and interactions help the young generation to mingle with the society without any guilt or reticent.

Change Your Virtual Date to Reality Partner
People might consider the dating app as an old phenomenon, but with the development of the latest technology and demographic change the dating apps are an evolution for the millennial. These dating apps provide a platform for those young men and women out there who feel shy to step forward in beginning a relationship. Whether they are looking out for dating or affair or sex or serious relationship or love, the dating app provides the service by acting as a portal for the partners to meet. Like meeting in the pub or nightclub, the people can use the dating app to get to know about the partner’s interests and promotes a genuine connection.
Women using the dating app were the first one to move the card which encourages the partner from the other end to move a step forward. Those who are away from the social life can to virtually share their interest and then meeting in their partner real time scenario using the dating app. With the wide range of dating apps, people have to option to choose the app that suits them the most in getting into a relationship.

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