Notable New iBooks: Riding on a Beam of Light

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Riding on a Beam of Light iBook

The iBookstore description for Riding on a Beam of Light is short and sweet:

Young Albert Einstein imagines what it would be like to ride a beam of light, and fantastically illustrates how a child’s imagination can change history.

Nice idea, and it’s nicely executed in this short story. There are just a line or two of text on each page, accompanied by beautiful illustrations that pull you into the story. The writing style is light and fun, with rhymes throughout the pages.

The book does a great job of highlighting the power of imagination and the idea that it’s good to dream. And who doesn’t like the idea of riding on a beam of light?

Here’s just a couple of the lovely illustrations included in the book’s pages:


 Albert Dreaming

There are no interactive elements or other bells and whistles on the book’s pages, and that seems fine for the sort of story it is. It stands up very well with just its words and lovely illustrations.

This is a short, sweet story. It’s perfect for bedtime reading, and one I’m sure kids will ask to have repeated often – and maybe even get inspired by.

Here’s an iBookstore link for Riding on a Beam of Light; it’s priced at $7.99.

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