With macOS Sierra you can access your Mac desktop from your iPad

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For some time now, we’ve been able to access our documents that were synced between all of our Apple devices over iCloud Drive. These documents included, but were not limited to, native Apple apps like Pages, Numbers & Keynote, as well as third party apps like iA Writer and PDF Expert. Now with macOS Sierra, currently only available in beta, you have access to your iCloud Desktop and Documents. This way, all of your iCloud sync files you save to specific directories will also be available.

With macOS Sierra you have access to the one area that we typically store files–especially those that we may be currently working on and would need the most. Sierra will keep all of the files that appear on your desktop synched across all your Macs, and by extension, your iPhone and iPad as well. This happens seamlessly in the background every time you save your file or image and leave it on the desktop. Files can be in folders, subfolders or out in the open–it doesn’t matter. This also extends to your documents folder which also falls under the iCloud tab in your Finder side-bar. You will have the same seamless synching, making your documents accessible form iCloud Drive, iCloud.com, and even on the iCloud app on Windows computers.

Access to Mac Desktop on iPad

So where exactly do you look on your iPad to find all these synched folders and desktop items?  Simply open the iCloud Drive App on your iPad and all of your documents, third party apps, and your Mac Desktop and Documents folders will be accessible. If you don’t see an iCloud Drive icon/app, open the Settings App, and select iCloud.  Now select iCloud Drive and make sure the option to show the iCloud Drive app on your Home screen is turned on.  The icon will now be visible to select from any home screen page on your iPad.


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