iOS 6 and iPad: Image Uploads Working Nicely

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iPad upload to Flickr

Here’s another nice new feature in iOS 6 on the iPad that I’ve had a chance to test out recently – the ability to upload images directly from the Safari browser app.

You can take a new photo or video or select an existing one from your photo library and upload them without leaving the Safari app. I’ve tried this out on the Flickr photo sharing site and on my favorite Apple related forum, everythingiCafe.

One nice little touch on this new feature is that as soon as you tap to select an image to upload you get a popup dialog letting you know that Safari wants to access your Photos so that you can OK it.

Hit the break for a couple more screenshots …

iPad iOS 6 image uploading

iPad upload image to forum

Just for grins, I gave this feature a quick try with a couple of 3rd party browsers. Dolphin Browser for iPad uploaded successfully to Flickr. Chrome looked like it was going to succeed as well, but so far it has generated server hangup errors when uploading starts, and has never completed.

If any of you have been trying out this new iOS 6 feature on the iPad, please let us know about your results in the comments.

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