iOS 6 for iPad Is Out Now

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iOS 6 – the latest annual major update to the iPad (and all iDevices) operating system – is out now, available to download and install.

You can update to iOS 6 over the air (if you are currently running iOS 5) or when connected to a PC and iTunes.

iOS 6 brings a total of over 200 new features, including a number of notable new features for the iPad.

I imagine Apple’s update servers will be getting hammered for at least the next few hours, so if you have the patience you might want to wait until this evening to update.

I’ve been running the developers Gold Master build for a few days now, which appears to be identical to the public release, so I’m set on the iPad – though I do need to update my iPhone later on.

Whenever you manage to get updated, let us know in the comments how it went for you and what your favorite new features are.

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21 thoughts on “iOS 6 for iPad Is Out Now”

  1. The Apple map app is horrible! It doesn’t have my street location pinpointed correctly, it’s missing the rail station by my house completely, the park is that I live by Is named incorrectly, and overall, I just don’t like it as well as Google maps. Bring Google maps back! Other than that, I couldn’t give a shit about the rest of this. Much ado about nothing.

  2. Updated with no problems. Just started testing things. Siri is new to me so it’s interesting to use so far. The map program has me located correctly, but had me traveling 1.3 miles past my destination to make a u-turn when there is a cross street Right at the restaurant. Gonna be a lot of that kinda problem I be thinkin’. lol

  3. Hate the maps, it’s shocking, especially in NW UK. Just noticed when I typed this that the ‘ isn’t just a hold down the , key anymore so that,s a pain (see, I did it there LOL)
    The apps store won,t load up either, and I did the , key thing again.
    Now how do I go back to 5.1.1?

  4. updated my ipad3 to the new ios 6 now my ipad wont accept my wifi password. i tried to reset network settings to factory settings and it still won’t accept it. bogus.

    1. I’m having the network problem on my iPhone 4 – when I try to connect to my WiFi network, I’m taken to an Apple web page that seems to want me to log in, except the page can’t be found. Major unintended consequence. Interestingly, I can log in to my guest network. If anyone finds the fix for this, please let me know. I did a “forget this network” reset, but that didn’t change anything. As soon as I log in, I get bounced back out.

      1. Well, I “fixed” the WiFi issue, in a manner of speaking. Changed the security mode on my router from WPA/WPA2 mixed mode to WPA2 Personal, and was able to log in normally. But, in what seems to be a major fail from Apple, the support pages on iOS are all about the upgrade from iOS 4 to iOS 5. Whoops.

  5. My update had some weirdness where it said it could connect to WiFi but the status bar clearly showed it was connected. I told it to continue without WiFi it did….WiFi worked fine. I’ll add my two cents to the Maps comments, they suck. I played with the fly over for a few minutes, then realized as I quickly got bored it adds no real value. It’s a toy, not a tool. I miss Street View, that adds value. I used it regularly to get a REAL view of where I was going and what the locale was like. Also I am going on a trip soon and decided to look at a map of the location in Hybrid mode…..oh, surprise no detailed satellite imagery for the area. Google Maps? Awesome maps of the area. Apple has stumbled badly and given Android an early Christmas present.

  6. i had no problems updating my ipod touch and ipad (i did the delta update). i was curious if anyone knows whether updates to apps will be delta updates. as someone who has updated a couple of apps in iOS 5 that were large in file size, a delta update would be a welcomed addition.

  7. Since I updated to iOS 6 I cannot receive e mails. It is terribly frustrating and I have not as yet managed to correct this. Any help?

  8. Updated iOS.6 , tried to install an app but not accepting my password! What’s going on …help Is needed please! Daren’t see what other damage it has done

  9. inadvertantley updated my iPad to this piece of shit, i was never off my iPad before this, now i can hardly bring myself to turn it on.
    Thank you apple for ruining my iPad…… this is NOT the device i bought!!
    thankfully neither of my iPhones have been infected by this crap

  10. Well the install went smooth enough but, still using an iPad2 so why do I have to lose all of my storage space to an os designed for the new iPad? my other space tripled if not quadrupled… now the iPad I was content with has size limitations. Frustrated.

    1. Hey Ron – the space that shows as ‘Other’ in iTunes on a PC is not space used by the operating system. I think you have another sync related (or possibly jailbreak related if you have ever jailbroken your iPad) issue going on there.

  11. junk, update and all, regret spending money on anything apple, it’s just a glorified cutting board

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