iPad and iOS 6 – Installing Apps Doesn’t Boot You Out of the App Store Anymore

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iPad iOS 6 Installing Apps

Here’s another nice little feature in iOS 6 on the iPad – one that makes life a little easier when installing and updating iPad apps:

In iOS 6 when you tap to install a new app in the App Store you don’t get kicked out to the home screen. You’ll be prompted for your Apple ID password and then the install will start right away and you’ll see the install progress bar alongside the app name. You can choose to install a number of apps and they’ll all begin installing without leaving the App Store. In the screenshot shown above I’ve got four apps installing concurrently.

An even bigger timesaver is that you no longer need to enter your password when updating apps in the App Store. As soon as you tap the Update button, the update will begin.

These are relatively minor enhancements to go along with the revamp of the App Store, but they’re definitely very welcome ones too. This is one of those little things that offers a big feeling of satisfaction when you see it in action.

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7 thoughts on “iPad and iOS 6 – Installing Apps Doesn’t Boot You Out of the App Store Anymore”

  1. Wow, something that seems to be so simple and common sense at first is only now being introduced in IOS 6. This is the way it should have been right from the beginning since IOS 2 or 3. No wonder Android is giving tough competition to IOS. Makes me truly wonder if IOS is truly the leading mobile OS anymore.

  2. Why they could not have done something like this before beats me, just another thing like the drop down menu that google can sue apples arse for once the patents are finalized. Attachments in mail next and sharing pictures to anywhere. It is ridiculous that OSX is so open and intuitive yet IOS is so locked down.

  3. App store still ranks apps by downloads, or revenue. Is sorting by rating, within categories, available in iOS6?

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