Nearly Half of iPad Users Already on iOS 6

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It looks like iOS 6 has a very high adoption rate among iPad users, just two weeks after it’s release. The latest numbers from the Chitika advertising network show that no less than 45% of iPad users are already running iOS 6.

The same report shows that 60% of iPhones are already running iOS 6. Here’s a little detail on how the data was complied:

To quantify this study, Chitika Insights took a sample of millions of mobile ad impressions coming out of the Chitika Ad network ranging from September 18th to October 1st 2012. The growth rate of iOS 6 was then split by device and compared to total iOS Web usage to illustrate the differences in adoption by device …

I find it interesting to see that statistics for iPad Insight match up very well with the report’s findings. Yesterday, for example, just under 44% of site visitors here were running iOS 6.

iPad Insight iOS 6 Visitors

Here’s hoping that all of you who have updated to iOS 6 are happy with the upgrade and all its new features.

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4 thoughts on “Nearly Half of iPad Users Already on iOS 6”

  1. I´m still in IOS 5.1 on my iphone and ipad 2. I´m waiting for improvement in the apple maps. Sooner or later i will upgrade.

  2. Same situation as Eduardo. When Apple allows a google maps app into the app store (and also a YouTubeapp) only then will I bother to upgrade. Until then it’s not worth it.

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