No YouTube App in the Latest iOS 6 Beta

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No YouTube iOS 6 Beta

Apple has released the latest iOS 6 developer beta today – beta 4 – and there’s one very noticeable absentee in this latest beta version of the next major iOS version. There’s no sign of the YouTube app.

As you can see in the screencap above, Siri is letting me know the app is not found on my testing iPad.

There’s no word as yet on why the app is missing, though many are already speculating that this is the latest example of Apple’s desire to move away from Google apps on iOS. iOS 6 no longer uses Google Maps and perhaps Apple will provide an alternative to YouTube in the final release of iOS 6.

I’ve always found the YouTube app to be a very poor performer on the iPad and very rarely use it, as there are plenty of very good 3rd party video apps that feature content from YouTube and elsewhere. So I won’t miss the YouTube app if it is dropped in the final release of iOS 6. Will you?

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10 thoughts on “No YouTube App in the Latest iOS 6 Beta”

  1. I’m not sure I would upgrade the OS without a YouTube app. I love it for the ease of keeping track of my favorites and subscriptions.

    What are the other apps you are referring to? Do any of them integrate your YouTube favs and subscriptions?

    1. I was thinking of apps like Squrl, Vodio, and Frequency. I’m not sure whether they are able to bring in your YouTube stuff, as I’ve never been concerned about that.

      1. I’ve read elsewhere that there will most likely be an official YouTube app that you can download from the app store…as long as that’s the case, no big deal if it’s not included as a stock app.

  2. I have been using the mobile youtube website for a while now. Just add the site to homescreen and you will have a youtube icon. Never liked the official youtube app anyways. Not all my subscription show up. You can also use Flipboard to get all your youtube action.

  3. Yea, I will absolutely miss it. I use my iPad to have instruction YouTube videos right in my workbench when doing repair work on my car. If I have to go find a different app for that, I guess I will but the YouTube app has always done to job with an amazing degree of simplicity.

    I have to believe the previous poster to be correct, though … I have no doubt will just be a matter of going out and installing the missing app.

  4. Apple can substitute any google apps but not youtube. I am sure it will hurt apple more than Google in the longrun. Atleast in countries outside US Google maps is way better then anything else. There will never be anything that will be quite close to youtube as far as videos are concerned.

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