Running iOS 6 Beta on the iPad

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iOS 6 iPad

Apple gave us our first preview of iOS 6, the upcoming new version of the iPad operating system, at this week’s WWDC 2012 keynote event. They also released the first iOS 6 beta for developers on Monday afternoon.

I’ve been running the new iOS 6 beta on a dedicated testing iPad (a new iPad 3 model) since Tuesday – and I’ll be sharing plenty of thoughts on iOS 6 and the iPad here as I spend more time with it.

I have to say that I don’t feel as excited about iOS 6 as I did about iOS 5 – but it still looks like a solid update with some nice new features and enhancements for the iPad. I’ll post about some of the headline new features as well as some of the smaller, less-mentioned ones that I’m finding interesting.

So far the beta appears very stable and not terribly buggy at all – a very good omen considering that it’s the first beta release.

If you have specific questions about iOS 6 on the iPad throw them in the comments here or email me via the email address on our Contact page and I’ll try my best to answer them.

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20 thoughts on “Running iOS 6 Beta on the iPad”

  1. Hey – a quick heads-up. We do not accept comments on the Contact Us page, where a couple of you are trying to ask questions. Please use the email address listed there to submit questions.

  2. Please tell me that we can at least…reverse the order in the Camera Roll. It’s getting insane to scroll through the pictures to the latest shots.

  3. Hi Patrick,

    I wonder if the Open In menu for document transfer still only shows ten apps, which usually leaves out my favorite apps. It is my dear wish that users can select themselves which apps to us to open documents.


    1. Hi Ralph. I don’t see an option to select apps, but the Open In popover now shows multiple pages and more than 10 apps. I just tested with a bunch of PDF viewer apps. Now we’ll have to see if this stays in the final release of iOS 6.

      1. Thanks for you reply. Let’s hope it stays in. Have you also noticed if the built-in Word, Excel and PowerPoint emulators have improved?

        1. What do you mean by emulators? Do you mean Apple’s Keynote, Pages, Numbers apps?

          1. Hi Patrick, I mean the built-in Word, Excel and PowerPoint viewers in mail and Safari, and which apps such as GoodReader and PDF Converter call. These viewers still have trouble showing the correct mark-up of a document.

    2. Hi Patrick

      The open on menu is improved and better you now have more than 10 options. It is really nice improvement.

  4. Hey, Patrick. I can live without folders within folders if we can at least get folders that will hold more items. (The 12-app limit on my iPhone is ridiculous.) Any indication of scrollable folders?

  5. Hi Patrick, do you know if you can clear or remove contacts from the recent contacts list when writing an email in the Apple Mail App?

  6. can someone shed some light for me please… i have paid for the apple developer account, succesfully installed the ios 6 on my devices apart from one. the ipad 3… there doesnt seem to be a download for the ipad 3. i have the ipad 3 32gb wifi + celluar .

    is anyone able to tell me im being blind and missing something? many thanks

    1. I’m running the beta on an iPad 3. There are definitely downloads for each model. There are even carrier specific downloads.

  7. deff appreciate eveyones reply – but i live in the uk and dont support att or verizon, thats my issue at the moe :(

  8. @Ralph – OK now I understand what you’re asking. Sorry – I honestly don’t know on that one. I really don’t work much with documents originated in MS Office.

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