You Can’t Gift an App from the iPad Anymore in iOS 6

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iPad App Store in iOS 6

iOS 6 brings over 200 new features to the iPad and other iDevices. It also takes away some notable things – Google Maps and YouTube just to name two high-profile takeaways.

The new version of the iPad operating system also takes away a number of features in the iPad App Store. One of those I’ve just noticed today is the ability to gift an app to someone. You used to be able to do this, and I find it a very handy feature – as it’s often the quickest way for me to get an interesting new app onto my daughter’s iPad.

Sadly, for now you can’t do this on the iPad, or any iOS device, in iOS 6 – as confirmed in this Apple support document. I hope that this feature will be coming back in iOS 6, and it’s notable that the wording in the support document states that this feature is currently not available. Also, as you can see in the screenshot above, there’s a vacant space in the Share popover where a gifting button could slot in.

In the meantime, you can still gift apps, but you need to do it in iTunes on a Mac or Windows PC. Here’s how:

— Open the iTunes app on a PC

— Click on the iTunes Store item in the Store section of the left sidebar

— Use the search bar (near the top right of the iTunes screen) or whatever method you prefer to find the app you want to gift to someone and click to open that app’s individual page.

— Just below the app’s icon there’s a grey bar with the app’s price, a Buy prompt, and a downward facing drop-down arrow at the right of it. Click on that arrow.

— That will bring up a popup list of menu items. The first one is ‘Gift This App’ Click on that.

iTunes Gift an App

You’ll then be prompted to enter your gift recipient’s name and email address. Just follow the on-screen instructions from there to complete your gifting transaction.

Here’s hoping that Apple gets this feature back into the iPad App Store soon.

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6 thoughts on “You Can’t Gift an App from the iPad Anymore in iOS 6”

  1. Yeh, a friend was trying to gift me some app and Face Timed me to ask how I gifted him in the past and I went to show him ( use iPod Touch for FaceTime and work on iPad) and low and behold.. No ‘Gift App’ button. WHAT GIVES? The past few Christmases, my friends are happy to get apps. $5 or less! Granted they could buy it themselves, but a gift is exciting.

    Now this. I hope it is up by Christmas of this year, otherwise… Apple’s iOS 6 will have stolen Christmas from my friends.


  2. Well that’s a kick in the head! I used to love gifting apps. I wonder how likely it is that Apple will bring it back?

    At any rate, thanks for the notification. I would’ve hated to have found out as I was trying to gift an app!

  3. This is a poor thing. I have people I want to gift to and cannot have iTunes on my work desktop (in fear of being sacked). How do I get them an app for their new iPads? Shame Apple, slipping yet again!

  4. Oh, and I forgot to mention that when I found a PC to do it from, I didnt even get a recipt from the iTunes store! Now that’s poor also!

  5. Thanks for the info! I thought I was losing my mind and couldn’t find it in iOS6. Thanks for the clarification–

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