Your iOS 6 Questions Answered

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iOS 6 Open In

I’ve been running the first iOS 6 beta on a dedicated testing iPad (a new iPad 3) for just about 10 days now. So far this first iOS 6 beta has been quite solid and mostly what I expected – lots of nice enhancements but no big, revolutionary new features (apart from Siri maybe).

I mentioned in my first post about the beta that I would do my best to answer any questions you have about iOS 6 on the iPad, and today I want to offer some answers to the questions that have asked in the comments on my earlier post and via email. So here are some answers to your first batch of questions:

Q Several of you asked about the ‘Open In’ feature and whether more than 10 apps could be seen in the list and whether you could edit the list of apps shown in the list. Many of us have run into the 10 app limit when working with PDF and other document types and sometimes finding that a favorite app is not listed in the Open In list.

Good News on this one. Though I still don’t see any way to edit the list, the Open in popover is now considerably larger and it has multiple pages if needed – so it will show more than 10 apps, as you can see in the two screencaps included in this post.

iOS 6 Open In Page 2

Q Does iOS 6 support folders within folders?

No. At least not in this beta and I’ve not heard this mentioned anywhere either.

Q Please tell me that we can at least…reverse the order in the Camera Roll. It’s getting insane to scroll through the pictures to the latest shots

This one’s a no as well.

Q Can you still connect using the HMDI cable to your tv?


Q My next question deals with the fact I really want to try iOS 6 do you think I should sign up to get a developers account through apple so I can test it out even though I am not a developer? 

If you have the budget ($99) it may be worth doing as long as you’re well aware of what you’re getting into. These are pre-release betas – so they may not all be stable, they may not perform well, and many of your apps may not work in iOS 6. And once you are running one of these betas you cannot get any support from Apple online or at a store. There are developer support resources but I expect these are intended to cover questions on APIs, programming and the like – not questions about your iPad being up the spout.

Q Can you send emails using Siri on the iPad 3

Yes you can. She does quite a good job on this.

Q Can u tell us something about the new Maps App on the Ipad and…does Siri already work on it?

I haven’t spent a huge amount of time with the Maps app yet, will do more of that soon. From what I’ve seen so far the app looks quite good – though I wouldn’t say it is noticeably better than Google Maps. And yes Siri is already working in Maps – and she has done a good job the couple times that I’ve used her for turn-by-turn directions over just short local routes.

Q What features of ios6 is ipad2 going to get?

Here’s a good rundown of which iOS devices get which iOS 6 features. If I’ve read it right, the two notable features the iPad 2 will not be getting are Siri and FaceTime over cellular networks.

Q Hey, Patrick. I can live without folders within folders if we can at least get folders that will hold more items. (The 12-app limit on my iPhone is ridiculous.) Any indication of scrollable folders?

No again I’m afraid. Looks like 20 apps is still the limit for iPad folders.

Q Do you know if you can clear or remove contacts from the recent contacts list when writing an email in the Apple Mail App?

I think not. Haven’t seen any mention of this anywhere – and I don’t see anywhere new where this might be done.

That’s about it for the first round of questions. I’ll be posting more of my thoughts on more iOS 6 features over coming days and weeks. I’m more than happy to try my best to answer any new questions you have on iOS 6 too, of course. If you have things you’d like to know about iOS 6 please mention them in the comments here or send them in via email to contact AT (replacing the AT with an @ symbol of course, and losing the spaces).  If I get another good set of questions I’ll do another post like this one.

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11 thoughts on “Your iOS 6 Questions Answered”

  1. I am running the beta as well on the iPad 3 and it is very stable and all of my apps work ,however I am having wifi issues on my university network. It shiws that I am connected but I am unable to open a web page. Have you experienced this. It works great on my home net work.

    1. I haven’t experienced that issue on the iPad running iOS 6, though I have seen it on the past with networks that want you to login in some way in a browser but often are quite slow to present you with a login screen.

      Sounds like yours might be a network policy if it perhaps doesn’t allow that iOS version yet. Do you have any other iOS devices running earlier firmware that can connect to the same network?

  2. Patrick,

    I’m curious as to how the 3D portions of the map may be used to replace the need for Street View. Is it possible to zoom in down to street level to look at building storefronts, etc? If you can do that, I don’t see why everyone is complaining about Google’s Street View feature being removed. How much detail can you zoom in on while in the flyover mode?

  3. The new maps are terrible and lack all data that Google has
    Can I reverse the IOS 6, and go back to old Google maps until Apple gets this fixed?

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