A Little Peek at iOS 7 Icons & Home Screen on the iPad

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iOS 7 iPad home screen

It’s pretty clear that Apple are running a bit behind in the development of iOS 7 for the iPad. In their WWDC 2013 keynote event unveiling of iOS 7 there was hardly a mention of iPad and not a single image of the new OS version running on an iPad.

The clearest evidence that iOS 7 for iPad is running a bit behind is that there was a developer beta for iPhone released on the day of the keynote event; while the first iPad beta is said to arrive ‘in coming weeks’.

In the meantime, the image above is about all we have to go on in terms of iOS 7 on the iPad. It’s an image that 9to5Mac is calling an ‘official’ look at iOS 7 on the iPad and iPad mini. It’s taken from the very bottom of Apple’s page on iOS 7 and its key features. I’ve shared this image once here already in my post about which iOS 7 features are compatible with which iPad models.

I don’t have any strong feelings about that image. I don’t hate the new ‘flat’ look, nor do I feel wowed by it. I’m far more excited about seeing how the new UI works and feels to use, and about trying out the new features of iOS 7 on the iPad.

I’ll definitely be running a beta as soon as one comes out for the iPad.

What do you all think? Any strong feelings about this first image of iOS 7 on the iPad?

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