iOS 7 Beta 2 Out, Available for iPad Now

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iOS 7 on iPad

iOS 7 Beta 2 has been made available to developers by Apple today – and this time the beta is available for the iPad too. Beta 2 is available for iPad 2 and later devices – iPad 3rd gen, iPad 4th gen and iPad mini.

That really didn’t take long – it’s just 2 weeks since Apple unveiled iOS 7 at their WWDC 2013 keynote event. At that time they said the first betas for iPad would be available in ‘coming weeks’. Nice to see the number of weeks turned out to be only a couple.

I have just installed the beta a short while ago and, as you can see in the screenshot above, I’m waiting on a restore of apps from iCloud.

As just a very quick lightning impression, I’ll say I like the look and feel of the new iOS 7 interface better than I expected to.

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5 thoughts on “iOS 7 Beta 2 Out, Available for iPad Now”

  1. I still cant get over the white translucency … and waiting to see how it looks on a black device! with a dark wallpaper

  2. Did your Apps ever restore?

    Mine did not – screen looks similar to yours even hours later!

    1. They did eventually after a long time, but I had well over 200 apps installed. iPad 3 was almost unusable though. I tried twice (two installs of the beta and iCloud restores) and then gave it up and set it up as new iPad.

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