iOS 7: Which Features Will Work on Which iPad Models

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iOS 7 Compatible withiPads comaptible with iOS 7

iOS 7 is the next generation of the iPad and iPhone operating system, due to be released to the public this fall. It will be compatible with the iPad 2 and above, but … there’s a little more to compatibility than just that.

Apple has made clear that not all features of iOS 7 will work on all compatible devices – and there are some stark differences between features available on latest gen devices and those that are a couple of years old. The iPad 2 is a clear example of this – according to a features table put together by Gizmodo it will be getting only *one* of the major new features of iOS 7 – iTunes Radio.

The table also shows that the iPad 3 will not get the AirDrop feature (for easy sharing of photos and documents with nearby friends). Here’s the table showing which features will be available on which iPad model:

iOS 7 Features Chart

If you’re an iPad 2 owner and you’re excited about iOS 7 features it might be a good time to start looking at upgrade options.

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9 thoughts on “iOS 7: Which Features Will Work on Which iPad Models”

  1. Apple is giving users just another reason NOT to keep buying their devices. Keeping these new iOS 7 features from older devices is ridiculous! They only save is if the component just cant support it, but from a first glance this doesn’t appear to be the case? So iPad 2 users are pretty much SOL?

    1. That is a major reasons I picked the GS3 over iPhone5 coming off a 3gs… Looked at ios and was bored of the same old crap.. No real innovation in the new ios and a major reason I was jailbroken.. There was no firm ETA on ios6 jailbreak when I was eligible for upgrade so went the Android route. I still like ios and iphone.. Was just bored with it and didn’t want to be stuck another 2 years with it.

    2. There seems like there is not a great reason that Siri isn’t there for iPad 2, but the rest probably comes down to processor speed (for the realtime filters) and the lack of the dual wifi chip (airdrop).

      BTW: Maybe the slower processor didn’t make Siri “elegant” enough for Siri, or maybe they just didn’t want to spend the time developing for ‘legacy’ products. Or it could just be a buisness / marketing decision. Who knows. I guess I just don’t expect them to work on my iPad 1 any more than I expect them to work on my old Macintosh Color Classic…. It gets a bit unexpectidly unweildy to fragment product development so much.

  2. All of the “NEW” features of “7” have been available in downloading apps that perform these features.

    So, what is really new in “7”?

  3. Is this really surprising to everyone??? The iPad 2 is close to 3 years old or is it more like 2 1/2. I can’t really remember when I got mine. It will be close to 3 when iOS7 is released.

    Airdrop – is a function of the newer wireless card apparently, so this is because the hardware doesn’t support it in the older devices. I am a little surprised at this one on the iPad 3.

    Siri – I have an ipad2 and it didn’t come in iOS6 so why would I expect it in iOS7.

    PANO – Same as Siri.

    Filters in camera – I am guessing that the processor is not fast enough…just an assumption as the hardware is older.

    Filters in Photo – Well at least if you can’t do it at the time you can filter it later. I am usually so busy trying to capture the event I never play with filters at the time of capture anyway….

    The last one I will probably never use even on my iPhone.

    As the iPad wasn’t really shown much love period in the whole iOS7 I am taking more of a what and see attitude anyway. This is the first iteration of iOS7 and feel iPad will get more love later and probably closer to time when new iPad hardware is about to be released. This seemed to be dog and pony show for iPhone and rightly so as that will be the next big release for Apple.

    I just gave my iPad 2 to a family member and I have an iPad mini on the way. Thought about waiting for the next version of the mini but I am really missing my iPad more than I thought I would and since it seems that the new mini may be longer than the fall I decided to go ahead and make the leap. Overall having come from the Android camp where you are at the mercy of the Carrier and the Manufacturer and really never know if you will get an update or not I am pretty pleased with the fact that at least Apple tries to support their devices for 2-3 years. My Android stopped getting updates after about 8 months. Accessories you could pretty much forget finding anything for it.

    Not too mention Apple is in the deal to sale Hardware so keeping the latest and greatest wiz bang features for the new devices should be somewhat expected, especially if it is driven by new hardware in the devices.

    There are many other options out there but having had an Android phone for 2 years and also dipping my toe in the water with a Kindle fire I feel like Apple is the much better choice and investment.

  4. I’m sick of Apple doing this! Why do they thinks it’s acceptable to leave existing customers behind because we don’t all buy the newest device as soon as is it released?? I know they want to increase the number of people buying the new devices but it’s not like they would lose much if they allowed “old” devices to have the newest tech. As an Ipad 2 owner I feel like my still up to date device belongs in the stone age the way Apple are treating it in the table above.

  5. Wow really? No love for old users? Just one feature that is available? Not everyone can easily afford an upgrade. iPad 2 users are more the reason people bought the iPad 3 and 4 models because we made it famous for them to buy it! I have been a very iPad-happy user and I speak for the thousands of others who are also happy to use their iPad 2’s lately. The reason I have not upgraded to an iPad 4 yet is that Retina along with Siri and the A6X processor for the new iPad 4 are quite simply not enough as ‘features’ for us to shell out the cash for the upgrades. Compared to how devices are upgraded against other platforms, these updates or upgrades are minimal. IOS7 is nothing new as these features have been in existence as part of jailbreaks. From the layout to the features added. Give us a break, cut us some slack and make all features available for all platforms. If you do, it will even be easier to sell older models to everyone. Trust me!

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