One iOS 7 Wish: More Substance, Less Style

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It’s been an odd year for Apple fans. No new iPad in the Spring, no big new product announcements, court cases left, right, and center – and even the rumors cycle has got quite boring.

Apple’s WWDC keynote event is tomorrow and hopefully there will be some exciting news after such a quiet first half of 2013. In the weeks leading up to it the vast majority of the speculation I’ve seen has been all about an expected design makeover for iOS 7 – the by now infamous ‘flat’ design, that’s taken to be all but confirmed by the look of the banners up at the Moscone Center where the keynote will take place.

The more I read about the expected new flat design for iOS 7, the more I think I have on big wish for the new version of iOS: that Apple is focused on improvements in features and functionality, not just on design. Great design tends to bring great functionality alongside it, as Apple products have often exemplified. So I don’t have anything against a design refresh for iOS; I am just looking for much more when we hear about iOS 7 tomorrow.

Here are a few of the things I’d most like to see in iOS 7:

More & Better Communication Between Apps: I don’t think needs to give users full file system access, but they do need to make sharing between and working with multiple apps much easier – for both users and developers.

Major Improvements to iCloud: iCloud has some strong points, but it also has some areas where it needs a lot of improvement. It’s still not as reliable as it should be and from what I can gather its sync capabilities are still nowhere near as good as those of Dropbox. It really needs to offer real, proper restore options, rather than the stupid all-or-nothing method we have now.

Better App Switching Options: The double-tap of the home button, the Multitasking Bar and even the current iOS multitasking gestures all feel a little clumsy by now when compared to more elegant methods we’ve seen in webOS, some jailbreak tweaks, and on Android.

Easy Access to Service Toggles: This is so long overdue it’s just silly. There should be much easier ways to toggle WiFi, cellular data, Bluetooth and other key services on and off.

Ability to Choose Default Apps: It would be great to be able to choose our own default apps for web browsing, email, and more.

Improvements to FaceTime: Really just one is needed – make it available on other platforms, as was promised when it was first announced.

Some New Thinking on Home Screens & App Organizing: The current way we work with apps, folders and home screens has worked pretty well for a number of years, but it needs some sort of a refresh by now.

What do you all think? What are you most wanting to hear about iOS 7 tomorrow?

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