Seeing More iOS 7 iPad App Updates Today

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iPad and iOS 7

With iOS 7 due for its public release in just a couple of days, on September 18, I am starting to see a decent number of IPad apps issuing updates for the soon-to-be newest version of iOS.

Just today I’ve seen iOS 7 updates for apps like GoodReader, CNN, Photogene,, GoComics, Quip, and Analytics for iPad. And of course I’m only seeing updates for the roughly 200 apps I’ve got installed on my iPad mini.

I’d say the pace of updates today is a good sign, and I expect this pace will only increase over the course of this week and the next few weeks.

Are you all starting to see a good flurry of iOS 7 updates for your iPads too?

Patrick Jordan

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3 thoughts on “Seeing More iOS 7 iPad App Updates Today”

  1. Yes, many updates! Just now got Amazon Instant Video update now supporting AirPlay to Apple TV! This is big for me. The update is the same for iPhone.

  2. my ipad has been down loading for 24 hours and counting. what do I do to get it to download updates ios7

    1. I had somewhat the same problem recently. I updated an older iPhone. It took us exactly 3 hours to download IOS4.2.?? His iPhone can’t use the iCloud. So, we used the latest version of iTunes, his Verizon hotspot (slow, sloow, slooow) and an old version of USB on his WinXP machine. I don’t know what contributed the most to the slowdown.

      The last time I updated an iPad4 to IOS7 it took a couple of minutesi, so I was not prepared for the delay on his system. This time I used iCloud and my WiFi. Told him the next time we’d try one of my machines.

      Since I’ve never had this problem with other clients, I think I’ll use one of my Win7 or Win8 machines on my local network and report later how well it worked.

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