Some Sloppy Text in Latest iOS 7 Beta

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iOS 7 Text Goofs

While moseying around iOS 7 beta 3 I’ve noticed a few places in the Settings app where there’s some sloppiness with positioning of text. For instance, on the Do Not Disturb settings page, shown above, the descriptive text for the Repeated Calls section overlaps the title area.

Here’s another example on the Privacy settings page, where description text overlaps the Facebook title area:

Privacy Text Goof

And here’s one more on the Cellular Data settings page, with the same sort of overlap on the first section:

Text Goofs 2

This is obviously a very minor thing, and maybe just an issue on the iPad 3 I am running the beta on, but I don’t recall seeing these sort of little, sloppy errors in past iOS betas.

For those of you who are running iOS 7 beta 3 on a different iPad model or an iPhone, are you seeing these bits of sloppiness in Settings text?

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2 thoughts on “Some Sloppy Text in Latest iOS 7 Beta”

  1. wholy cow!!! sloppy text in a BETA release ?! oh no! they must of been more focused on making in stable (beta 2 left avg 60mb of free RAM on 4s w/ no apps open and beta 3 leaves 120mb free RAM on 4s with no apps open) then some stupid text. keep in mind that beta releases are for DEVELOPERS and are not focused for ascetics.

  2. I’ve been seeing this since Beta 1. Given the new resizable type, there’s obviously a few things that haven’t been polished yet.

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