Time for iOS 7 on My Everyday iPad

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iOS 7 on iPad mini


Over recent months I’ve been running each of the successive iOS 7 betas on my iPad 3, and getting to know the soon-to-be new current generation of iOS. My iPad 3 is not my go-to daily driver iPad though. That role has been taken over by my iPad mini for a long while now.

Since we learned yesterday that the public release of iOS 7 is just a week away now (9/18), and yesterday the gold master version of iOS 7 was made available for developers, I figure it’s time to run iOS 7 on my iPad mini. I’ve installed the iOS 7 gold master today and my iPad mini has nearly finished restoring apps from an iCloud backup. I love iCloud backup for just this sort of scenario.

I’m keen to see how much smoother / more solid the GM build is on my iPad mini – and also to see how apps compatibility with iOS 7 is looking. I have over 200 apps installed on the iPad mini, so I should be able to get a good feeling for how quickly developers are moving and how fast the iOS 7 app updates are flowing. And of course I’ll share anything interesting that I learn in those areas.


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One thought on “Time for iOS 7 on My Everyday iPad”

  1. How well did iOS 7 run on your iPad 3? I still haven’t updated to iOS 7 on my iPad 3 because I’ve read about lag when typing on the onscreen keyboard and opening apps. Not being able to go back to iOS 6 makes me very hesitant to upgrade to iOS 7. I know if I stay on iOS 6 I won’t be able to get app upgrades, but I want my iPad 3 to stay snappy fast.

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