3 Swipe Typing Leaders Already Working on Keyboards for iOS 8

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Swype Typing

Image Via: How-To Geek

Last week Apple announced that iOS 8 will allow for 3rd party keyboards – and we’re already seeing some very good news in terms of keyboard offerings we’ll see for the next version of iOS.  3 leading makers of Android keyboards have all made clear that they are working on keyboards for iOS 8.

As MacStories reports, Swype, SwiftKey, and Fleksy have all announced plans for iOS 8 keyboards. They’ve even got a nice quite on the subject from a SwiftKey marketing exec:

“I think it’s obviously a wonderful day for anyone who wants to be productive and use iOS devices,” said Joe Braidwood, chief marketing officer for SwiftKey. “We believe we’ve built a great product that’s made it easier to type on touchscreens, and we’ve got a great community of Android users to prove it. We can’t wait to extend that to iOS. Ultimately, it means people have more choice, and we’re very excited about that.”

I couldn’t agree more and can’t wait to see the range of keyboard options and swipe typing options we end up with in iOS 8.

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