Check Out This Teaser Of The Awesome Browser Extension in Things 2.5

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I already talked about the 1Password iOS 8 extension in August, but here’s another great example of the power of extensibility. 9to5Mac showed a great video preview of a proposed Things 2.5 browser extension made possible by iOS 8. Not only can you create a new task from within Safari, but you can automatically add details like the webpage URL, and even add the selected text as a note.

That’s a lot faster than:

  1. Copying the URL manually
  2. exiting Safari
  3. loading Things up
  4. adding a new task
  5. naming the task
  6. adding a note

Extensions are the most exciting feature of iOS 8 by far, but they’re also the hardest to demo without showing actual third-party apps working as a cohesive system. It’s not long now until we get to enjoy this kind of interaction first-hand.


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