Evernote Gets Big iOS 8 Update: Web Clipping, Sharing from Other Apps & More

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Evernote iOS 8 Share

Evernote has been a hugely useful app on iOS and just about any other platform for years now. With yesterday’s update for iOS 8, this excellent app just became a whole lot more useful.

The new app extensions feature in iOS 8 means that now you can pull content into Evernote from anywhere in iOS – from web clipping a page from Safari to sharing a photo or document from any app you like – and choosing which notebook to add the item to. Since Evernote excels at acting as a sort of second brain and storage vault for all sorts of information, this new capability is perfect for it.

Other cool new features in Evernote now include the option to add Evernote’s quick note bar to Notification Center and (for Evernote Premium users) the ability to use TouchID (on devices that support it) instead of a passcode.

The new sharing to Evernote throughout iOS 8 is the big killer feature here though. I know I’ll be making tons of use of that right away.

You can check out this Evernote blog post for more details on their iOS 8 update.

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