Hurrah! iOS 8 Brings Keyboard Choices

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IOS8 Keyboards

Apple’s WWDC keynote event yesterday was full of good news for iPad users and iOS and Mac fans too. Thomas did a great job of running down lots of the most exciting and powerful new iOS 8 features last night.

One of those that I am the most pumped up about is support for 3rd party keyboards. Swipe typing capability has been at or near the top of my iOS and iPad wish list for a long while now.  With my new day job I now use a Nexus 7 heavily and my last 5 phones have all been Androids too. So I’ve become a huge fan of swipe typing. It is a pure joy to use and makes me far faster and more effective at taking notes at client sites, managing email and texts, and in so many ways when using my mobile devices.

Typing on the iPad has become a slow, frustrating experience ever since I discovered the joy of swipe typing.

In amongst all the impressive new features of iOS 8 I will definitely be getting some big-time satisfaction the first time I’m able to choose a great swipe typing capable keyboard as my system default on the iPad.

Which iOS 8 features are you most looking forward to on the iPad?

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