iOS 8.3 Now Available  for iPad 

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iOS 8.3 is now available for download and there are a few reasons this release might be particularly exciting for avid iPad users:

  • iCloud Photo Library is now out of beta, and the Photos app for Mac is also available in, so you can give the service a try across all of your Apple devices now
  • Performance improvements have been announced across the board for first party apps, third party  keyboards, and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Messages now has more powerful anti spam features for those who suffer from unwanted texts
  • A new emoji keyboard is now available with easier access and a more inclusive set of icons for people of different races and orientations
  • Many more bug fixes and under the hood improvements

I’m glad that this update is out so that my family can also try iCloud Photo Library across all of their devices, but I’m disappointed that I’m still seeing keyboard crashes. You’d think six months would be enough time to iron out the kinks…


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