iOS 8 Quick Thought: Way More than I Expected

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iOS 8

Wow. I came home today to lots of exciting news on iOS 8 and some lovely new features it brings. I was at work all day and didn’t get a chance to follow Apple’s WWDC keynote event, or even any of the liveblogs covering it – first time in a long time I’ve been so late to the party for a major Apple event.

Anyway, in the last few weeks leading up to today’s event my expectations for iOS 8 and the iPad had sunk lower and lower. All the big rumors and ‘what to expect’ speculation centered on a health-focused app or hub, Touch ID coming to new iPads, and improvements to the Maps app.

Those 3 had my excitement level barely hovering above zero. The health focused stuff sounded great, but much more useful (and likely to be used) on a phone than a tablet. Touch ID would be nice, but I’ve never felt worked up about it, and I’m more than covered by the Google Maps app on all my devices.

So I thought today would be a bit of a snooze fest for me, at least in terms of things related to the iPad. And it looks like I was absolutely wrong. iOS 8 brings interactive notifications; a vastly improved iCloud; real, proper sharing between 3rd party apps; more clever and useful links between Macs and iOS devices, great new Photos features, family sharing, App Store enhancements, and one huge personal wish list item that I’ll talk about in a separate post.

Look out for Thomas’ post coming soon with a better roundup of what’s new and exciting in iOS 8. For now, I’m just happy to see how wrong I was with my low expectations.

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