iOS 9 gets a big boost from under the hood refinements

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As we mentioned previously, iOS 9 got a big boost from some behind-the-scenes refinements that go a long way in improving basic core function to the operating system.  This has allowed iOS 9 to become much more efficient, secure and trimmed down, while increasing its overall performance capabilities.  There were four major areas that Apple concentrated their efforts on with iOS 9.

Improved security



Apple has always been a champion for privacy and keeping user information secure.  Our iOS device passcode is the first line of defense in keeping our data safe.  We store so much personal information on our devices it is absolutely crucial that we take whatever steps necessary to keep this information from falling into the hands of those who wish to do us harm.  Now Apple has made it even harder to acquire this information from our iOS device.  With iOS 9,  you  will now need to create a 6 digit passcode instead of the typical 4 digit code.  This way, your device will be 100 times more secure that with a simple 4  digit code.

It doesn’t stop there,  When you sign in from a new browser or on a new device, you’ll be prompted for a verification code. This code is automatically displayed on one of your other Apple devices or it will be sent to your phone. When prompted, you will need to enter the code to sign in.  Without this verification, you will not be able to sign in.

Better battery life



With iOS 9 Apple has worked hard to reduce battery usage across the entire operating system in every possible way.  They claim that the average iOS device will now last up to an additional hour before having to be charged.  We already know iOS devices have proximity and ambient lighting sensors to proactively regulate battery drain.  Apple was a pioneer in these early improvements with the first iPhone.  Now they have also added a new power mode that will extend your battery life up to 3 additional hours by adjusting many settings on your iOS device that you didn’t even know existed.

Efficient Software Updates



This is a big sore spot for users out there with iPad’s and iPhone’s with minimal storage space available.  With iOS 8, the software update took up over 4.5 GB of storage.  This was an even bigger issue when trying to update your software OTA since you need twice as much free space to install the update.  iOS 9, however, weighs in at a minor 1.3 GB!  That’s an amazing transformation.  In addition, with iOS 9 you will now be able to stream new updates to your iPad without having to first download the update before installing it.  Lastly, when you are notified about available software updates, you will have the option of updating your iPad while you sleep.

Faster and more Responsive



One word–METAL!

Now with iOS 9 the apps on your iOS device will be able to take advantage of Metal which will allow them to make a more efficient use of the CPU and GPU.  This combination will make for a better scrolling experience as well as smooth over animations in games and increase overall performance.  All core apps will now render much faster allowing the iPad to make multitasking action smooth and fluid.


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