AirPrint Hacktivator Taken Down, Reborn as AirPrint Activator

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AirPrint Hacktivator (R.I.P) was the clever little utility app that allowed you to make AirPrint do what it was originally advertised to do, to print to all shared printers (on your network) from your iPad or iPhone devices. The developers of the app recently received a take-down request related to the website for the app. They complied with it, effectively killing off the app – but they also immediately reincarnated the app as AirPrint Activator

The new app doesn’t just have a new name and the same excellent functionality as its predecessor; it also has take the necessary steps that should keep future take-down requests away, as it no longer contains any Apple files. Here’s a little more detail, straight from the guys at Netputing:

I just received an email from my hosting service provider asking me to comply with the request to disable the AirPrintHacktivator web page or else they will suspend my service.

I certainly don’t want to loose my web presence so I will comply with the request even if I find it excessive.  I am also in the process of migrating the application under a new name to a new page called conveniently airprint activator.

I will create a new application called AirPrint Activator that will essentially do the same as 1.7.1… As you know v1.7.1 no longer contain any Apple files and should not infringe on Apple copywrighted material.

I’ve tested out the new AirPrint Activator, and I’m happy to say it works just as well as the old version. I uninstalled the previous app, confirmed I could no longer see a shared printer on my iPad, downloaded the new one, went through the same simple setup steps as before, and verified that I could see and print to my shared wireless printer.

If you want to make AirPrint work for you with shared printers, you can download the shiny new AirPrint Activator HERE, and you can see the simple setup routine outlined in my earlier post on this here:

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2 thoughts on “AirPrint Hacktivator Taken Down, Reborn as AirPrint Activator”

  1. Good morning.
    I installed the app on my Mac but I cannot print from either my mobile or my iPad.
    The iPhone says ‘printing to Laserjet’ but nothing happens.
    There is nothing in the print queue on the Mac so it seems as if the file does not get to the Mac.

  2. Dear Sirs,

    I tried to reach the address without success. Why???
    Please explain

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