AirPrint Supported Printers List Much Bigger Now – 4 Times as Many Printers & Manufacturers

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Finally. The official list of AirPrint supported printers has grown. Actually it has grown quite a lot, and there are now printers from Canon,Epson, and Lexmark supported – as well as a greater number of printers from Hewlett Packard (HP).

As recently as late June of this year, there were only a total of 27 AirPrint supported printers – and all just from one manufacturer, HP.

Now – after the list was updated on November 14 –there are 100 printers supported. Here’s how they break down:

— 36 HP printers are supported, from the Deskjet, Envy, Laserjet, Laserjet Pro, Officejet and Photosmart lines.

— 41 Epson models are supported, from the Artisan, EP, ME, PX, Stylus, Stylus Photo, Workforce, and WP lines.

— 20 Canon printers are supported, all from the MG line.   

— 3 Lexmark printers are supported – the C792, the X548, and the X792.

So overall we’ve got nearly four times as many supported printers, and four times as many manufacturers as there were at the end of June.

It’s about time we saw some major expansion for AirPrint supported printers. Hopefully the list will continue to grow steadily now. You can check out the full AirPrint Supported Printers list for more details and to see whether a model you use is listed.

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14 thoughts on “AirPrint Supported Printers List Much Bigger Now – 4 Times as Many Printers & Manufacturers”

  1. I’ve been experimenting at our school with AirPrint Activator which seems to make any network accessible printer avaiable to AirPrint users. Anyone else tried it or have other solutions.

    1. Did you have to do anything special to get the airprint working on the Epson 835? When I select “print” from my iphone 4s, I get a “no AirPrint Printers Found”. Not sure if I need to change something from within my settings on the printer. Any help would be appreciated!

  2. Went into Best Buy for a AirPrint printer for my parent’s iPad, got the wireless HP laser printer for around $90. The dude working there had no clue about AirPrint, said all that’s needed is any printer with a bluetooth connection, and then I pointed out the correct HP printer. Ugh.

  3. Get larger Capacity SMB Printers on the List – especially Luxury Hotels who deploy iPads as In-Room Amenity could make use of them OR large Fortune 500 Enterprises…

  4. If you have an iPad or iPhone and would like to print using this printer DO NOT BUY THIS PRINTER! Because is not supported by Apple’s AirPrint so get instead an Artisan 837 not 835 or 830 or prepare for a real nightmare. Neiither Epson nor Apple were able to successfully help me in order to find a way to print from Pages, Numbers or Keynotes or any App that allows printing from the iPad or iPhone. MacBook Pro works great and iMac too but not the others. You’ve been warned! ;)

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