Another New iOS 4.2 Gold Master Release – 4.2.1 (for developers)

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There is a new iOS 4.2 Gold Master build available this afternoon from Apple (for registered developers) – iOS 4.2.1 GM seed.

This is a surprise. Generally there’s just a single gold master (GM) build before a final release of software. We’ve already seen two for iOS 4.2 – with the second one released last week said to address some WiFi issues that some users of the first GM build were experiencing. Now we’ve got a .1 release – so presumably this one is fixing some more issues that have been uncovered.

I’ve downloaded and installed this build just a few minutes ago, and so far I don’t see anything different. Please share in the comments if you’ve spotted anything new.

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2 thoughts on “Another New iOS 4.2 Gold Master Release – 4.2.1 (for developers)”

  1. I have not tried this one yet, but I noticed that on the iOS 4.2 gm from last Friday, the app VLC works flawless now. Before it would stop after watching 10 min and crash.

    1. Well that's good news. I still haven't seen anything new in it – but I'm assuming there are some fixes for issues I hadn't noticed.

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