Apple TV Updated – AirPlay Video Bugs Fixed

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AirPlay video on iPad

Apple TV (2nd generation) got a software update today, to Version 4.2.2. There are no exciting new features in this update, just a handful of minor enhancements and some bug fixes.

The good news, from what I can see so far, is that this update has fixed some major issues with AirPlay video.

Prior to this update, AirPlay video was extremely flaky. If I used AirPlay to play a video from with an app and then switched away to check email and returned to the app, video no longer showed on the TV. Sometimes audio continued to play, sometimes it was dead too. I would also find that even if I stopped a video in one app, closed that app, and switched to another app to play video from, video would not stream correctly to the TV.

In order to get past these issues I would have to close apps on the iPad, change the source away from Apple TV on my television, and power off and back on the TV. Sometimes just one of these would work and AirPlay would resume working, sometimes it took doing all of them, and sometimes even that didn’t work. AirPlay had become a real hit-or-miss affair – and as much as I loved the feature, it was annoying as heck to use.

After installing the Apple TV update today, AirPlay is working like a charm in my testing so far. I tried hard to make it fail and could not get it to do so. I tried switching out of apps while a video was paused, and video play resumed smoothly as soon as I returned to the app. I tried switching out of an app while video was playing – video paused and then carried on happily when I went back to the app. I played a video in one app, closed it out, opened another and video worked well all the time. I even swapped in and out of two apps and took turns playing videos in each of them – all good, and all played well on Apple TV.

I’ve tested with five different apps so far and AirPlay hasn’t missed a beat. So far, this update looks like it has made AirPlay and Apple TV play very nicely and smoothly together, with no more temperamental dropouts when you play multiple videos and use multiple apps.

This update is also said to fix and issue where audio failed to play with some video content. I haven’t experienced that issue, but hopefully it’s been squashed as the update notes suggest.

Have any of you done the Apple TV update today? If so, have you found AirPlay video to be working solidly as I have? Or noticed any other changes, good or bad, as a result of the update?

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3 thoughts on “Apple TV Updated – AirPlay Video Bugs Fixed”

  1. I’ve found AirPlay to be working fine now. It used to be worthless, but now I can stream from my NAS to my AppleTV using AirPlayer and my IPad. I love this thing now. It’s everything I hoped it would be.

  2. I used to have trouble simply getting my iPhone and AirPlay to behave for simple photo displays. Half the time the silly AirPlay icon would not be in the photos app. Upon applying this update (and, to be fair, updating from iOS 4.2.1 to 4.3.3), this now works seamlessly for me (as it should have all along).

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