Death of the Home Button?

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(via @razorianfly)

So, I’ve got the beta installed on my iPad, and honestly I did it just to have my lock screen switch back… but I have to say the new gestures (demo’d here by @razorianfly) are pretty cool. They could in theory replace the home button as is being rumored around the various news sites, but I really hope not. It just doesn’t feel right.

What’s your thoughts? Is the home button about to go to the grave?

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2 thoughts on “Death of the Home Button?”

  1. I certainly hope so, and believe that those gestures are meant to kill the home button.
    Naturally that the new wave of bee-tablets coming along and also the playbook, they’re buttonless, so Apple knew they had to do something about it…

    Let’s see how they can do it in the iPhone. Because iPad’s screen allows for 5 finger gestures, but the iPhone… unless you’re a 8 year old, you won’t be able to do it.

    Now, another speculation… what if the screen get’s bigger? Since there’s no need for home button, the phone screen could be bigger somehow?

  2. Whether the home button does, or doesn’t, disappear, is largely irrelevant. The main issue is, at this point in time we have choice. For as long as the OS continues to work on devices that have a home button, we can use it either way. Apple has a habit of releasing products in a manner that helps to train us for future products. Furthermore, they can use the timeframe between devices to measure the user responsiveness towards the feature change. If more people use the gestures, and don’t complain about the lack of a home button, they may remove the button. If people complain about it (like the orientation switch issue), they keep both.

    But either way… Apple’s preparing us for something else. It’s not about the iPad… it’s about the touch interface for Lion. Same gesture on OS X as on the iPad. I’d also expect, in the not too distant future, that the MacBook Air will start getting much closer to the iPad in design, touch screen and all. It will be an easy transition if we’re fully immersed in gesture-based interaction.

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