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Does it Really Matter if iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 Are a Little Boring?

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In case you missed it, there was an interesting story that surfaced yesterday covering the opinions of a group of Apple users on iOS and iPad OS. The polling, which covered 3,000 iPhone and iPad users, was conducted by electronics reselling site SellCell and had some interesting results. Primarily, it says that a fair percentage of people find iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 to be less than exciting.

I guess my thought is that boring isn’t all that bad as long as all of the features work and Apple is laying a solid foundation for the future. iOS 12 wasn’t so bad either, and was followed up by soe significant upgrades the following year. As for me, the only boredom I’m experiencing right now is waiting for the betas to hit version 2 and hopefully stabilize enough for me to load them on my primary devices.

In spite of whatever I think, there are still plenty of interesting tidbits in the polling data. I definitely recommend checking out SellCell’s article for yourself, but here are a few of the highlights.

  • It seems a lot of Apple users are quite superstitious. 74% prefer the next iPhone to not carry the number 13 and a surprising 1-in-5 actually have a phobia (Triskaidekaphobia) related to the number.
  • However, despite all of the hand-wringing over the number 13, 81.7% of respondents said they would still purchase a new iPhone 13 if that is the name Apple goes with.
  • 52.6% of those polled are either slightly or not at all excited about iOS 15 or iPadOS 15. That’s a significant level of disinterest and the chart below tells the story even better.

SellCell Poll

Photo Source: SellCell

That last bit is getting all of the attention around the Apple blogosphere. However, I don’t think any of this is particularly groundbreaking. 77.9% of the respondents are still excited about Apple’s mobile OSs to some degree. These numbers, like so many others, can be made to fit all kinds of narratives depending on who’s looking at them and what their viewpoint is.

Personally. I don’t think the numbers in this poll are indicative of any sweeping trend, either positive or negative. Instead, I believe they are really just an interesting snapshot into how a small number of Apple users feel at the moment.

Again, it’s all about the eye of the beholder. From my own perspective, I’m happy to see that 13.2% of those polled see improved external display support as the biggest missing feature in iPadOS 15. That was definitely my favorite out of those left on the cutting room floor, so I salute those 396 people. Here’s hoping we’re all happier next year.




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