First Over-the-air iOS Update Seems to Have Gone Well

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Yesterday’s iOS 5.0.1 update was the first iOS firmware update to be made available as an OTA (over the air) update. And it appears to have gone very well – at least from what I can gauge from my own results on three iOS devices, good results for all my colleagues at, and reactions I’ve seen round the web so far.

I did the OTA update yesterday on the original iPad my wife and daughter share, my iPad 2, and my iPhone 4S. Each of them downloaded the update in 3-5 minutes and ran the install in 5-8 minutes.

OTA updates were seen to be working nicely in the later rounds of the iOS 5 betas, but it’s good to see the first one available to the general public go smoothly.

How was your iOS 5.0.1 update experience? Did you do the OTA update? If so, how did it go for you?

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4 thoughts on “First Over-the-air iOS Update Seems to Have Gone Well”

  1. I just bought my iPad 2 on Thursday. I woke up this morning, turned on my iPad and got a notification that an OS update was available. I did the update while sitting in my bed and drinking some coffee. So far, no issues….but then again, I’m new to the iPad community. Either way, it doesn’t get much easier than this.

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