How to Find AirPrint Printers for the iPad

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AirPrint Printers

AirPrint is an iOS feature that lets you print wirelessly from your iPad or iPhone. It’s a great feature that has got better each year – because the range of wireless printers that support it has grown substantially.

By now there are thousands of printers that support AirPrint, including printers from 24 leading manufacturers. That number has grown from 15 in just the last year – and includes major brands like HP, Epson, Lexmark, Canon, Brother, Dell and lots more.

It’s very easy to find printers that support AirPrint. Here are some of the best ways:

— Check this Apple support page that lists all current AirPrint printers from all the different vendors.

— Look for confirmation of AirPrint support when buying in an online store, or just ask a salesperson in a retail outlet.

— Visit Apple’s online store and their AirPrint Printers section.The wireless printers there start at right around $100.

Here are a few details that are useful to know when looking at AirPrint:

– Some printers on the supported list will need a firmware update to become AirPrint-enabled. Check the manufacturer’s website for available firmware updates and details.

– An AirPrint printer has to be connected on the same local WiFi network as the iPad or iOS device your are printing from.

– Certain printer features or functions may not be available when using AirPrint (for example, selecting different paper trays, red-eye reduction, booklet printing, and so on).

How many of you are using AirPrint at home or work with your iPad?

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  1. I was using the print n share app but have also switched over to airprint since upgrading the printer

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