In Praise of iPad Voice Dictation on the New iPad

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iPad Voice Dictation

Voice Dictation on the iPad has steadily grown on me and is now one of my favorite features on the new iPad. I’ve always felt that it was a more interesting and useful feature than Siri, but when it first came to the new iPad I just didn’t remember to use it often enough to get great benefit from it.

Now I find that I’m using it more and more frequently, and that the more I use it the better it gets. And of course the better it gets the more tempted I am to use it even more frequently. I knew this feature was supposed to learn from you as you go along if you took the time to correct it, and I’m very impressed with how well it does at this.

As I’ve spent more time using it I’ve also started to remember to speak slowly and clearly to help it be closer to 100% accurate. It’s not at 100% accuracy just yet, but I’m beginning to feel it may get close to that soon.

By now it works so well for me that lately I find myself using voice dictation more than normal typing on the iPad, except of course when I’m out and about. I use it more than anything for taking lengthy notes on apps or accessories that I’m reviewing, but also for things like sending a quick email or a quick tweet.

Needless to say this entire post has been done using voice dictation – and I’ve only made a small handful of modifications to the final text.

What do you all think of using Voice Dictation on the iPad? Are you using it often?

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20 thoughts on “In Praise of iPad Voice Dictation on the New iPad”

  1. I have the new iPad and wasn’t even aware of the voice dictation capability!
    Just last month I tried out the voice to text on my iPhone and loved it immediately. A friend suggested it—I didn’t know it had the capability. I never do read any instruction manuals with electronic products unless there is a problem ay hand.

  2. I use voice dictation on my iPhone 4s. Like you say, it’s very convnient for many tasks. I only wish Apple would allow it on the iPad 2. Hopefully they’ll do so in iOS 6.

    1. I am furious that Apple is not adding dictation to the iPad 2. At first I heard they were, then that they weren’t. I was even more upset to find out Android has had dictation.

      I’ve already left the iPhone game & if there’s no dictation for iPad 2, that will be my next change.

      Not tat anyone cares…does Apple?

  3. It is indeed a great feature and works amazingly correct … even for languages other than English. If you love to talk to your iPad I really suggest to try Google Chrome as browser … including Google’s amazing voice recognition features.

  4. I used to use voice dictation frequently when my iPad was new to me in April of this year. I used it primarily for messaging friends and putting together emails from time to time. Maybe your article will inspire me to use it more frequently in the future. And yes, I used it to post this comment.

  5. I used to use it a bit when I first got it. I slowed down using it. then one day while out and about with a friend, he stepped out to get movies from RedBox and I went to dictate and noticed the dictation icon was missing. WiFi is needed for dictation? That alarmed me. Now I only use it when I am too lazy to type up small notes. It is nice.

  6. Voice dictation on Mountain lion is really really good as well. I am posting this using my voice from my Mac.

  7. It’s very rare that I ever type when on my iPad or iPhone. Dictation is certainly one of the most used functions on my iPad and iPhone. I have been using Dragon Dictation on my PC for a long time so I was excited to see dictation from Apple appear on my iPhone and iPad.

    Can’t wait for the next iteration…

  8. I keep forgetting I have the option, just like now. I’m typing instead of dictating. I’m hopeless.

  9. Will iOS 6 include the voice dictation capability for the iPad 2 as well, when it is released later on this year?

    1. Doubt it very much, as Apple has stated that it doesn’t have the required hardware specs to run it.

  10. For those of us with the original iPad, which does not have voice dictation, is there a dictation app you’d recommend? I use voice dictation frequently on my iPhone 4s and would love to have that same capability on my iPad!

  11. I used Dragon Dictate on the iPad and was surprised with how good it was. I was even sitting outside and there were noises around that could have messed up the dictation. Since then I have been dictating loads of articles for my web sites using the full Dragon Dictate on my iMac. While it is quite expensive it has been worth every penny. I can write about 3 times faster using dication than with typing. That is including the time for editing.
    With the full DD I can do edits using voice too. While the dictation on the iPad 3 is only a shadow of Dragon DIctate it is very useful. I love using dictation on the Mac with the Mountain Lion and use it for the quick bits of dictation here and there. I find it good enough for that and I break out the full DD for the long articles.
    I did have an occasion to do dictation with the iPad today and it failed completely. the 3 little purple dots jiggled and then nothing. I guessed the problem was at the server end. I expect that next time I give it a go it will work perfectly.

  12. I have an accent and find it difficult to use dictation of this type.
    Do you think that if I comtinue to practice and edit it would get better?

    1. Yes I absolutely do think it would get better. I’ve found that the more I take the time to correct it, and the more I remember to speak slowly and clearly the better it gets. The slow and clear part is a very important bit – as I know for me at least it’s easy to slip into speaking like you talk to a friend and going too fast and not pronouncing clearly.

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