iOS 11 Beta 4 for Developers Has Been Released

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If you have been running the Developer Beta rather than the Public version, its that time again. We should be around half-way to the final release version of iOS 11, and it has come along way to this point. The stability has noticeably improved, more and more apps are working properly worth it now, and there are some solid features and improvements, as well.

The biggest improvement that I have seen in the new beta is the design of the Notification Center, which is an area that has garnered complaints for its altered design up until this beta. First off, you can now swipe both left and right on each notification to get options.

A swipe to the left reveals the View and Clear option buttons. It you continue to swipe left, the notification will be cleared.

Swiping right on a notification reveals the Open button, which will open the app to view the notification. Continuing to swipe right will also do the same.

Even better, Apple has unified the Notification Center operation with devices that are compatible with 3D Touch. I am running the iOS 11 Beta on my new iPad Pro, which obviously lacks 3D Touch. However, now a long press is all it takes to bring up those same features for a notification.

This works particularly well for apps with 3D Touch Widgets and for interactive content.

There are a few other new features in this beta, such as the new icons for Notes, Reminders, and Safari, and a new splash screen for Notes detailing its new features.

It is good to see Apple willing to make changes and alterations this visible this late in the development process. The changes to Notification Center are VERY welcomed. The Public Beta should follow shortly and will have all the same new features, so if you are running it, it shouldn’t be a long wait until release.

What so you think of the changes to Notification Center? Love them or hate them, let me know in the Comments section below, on Flipboard, on our Facebook page, or on Twitter @iPadInsightBlog.

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