iOS 4.2 for iPad Is Out Now

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It’s finally here. After all these months of knowing that iOS 4.2 would come to the iPad in November, this huge, major update is now available in iTunes.

This is the operating system software update for iPad that adds multitasking, the Multitasking Bar for rapid app-switching, folders for organizing our apps and home screens, AirPrint for wireless printing from the iPad (to a limited group of supported printers), AirPlay for streaming media to Apple TV, and a total of over 100 new features. See my earlier post HERE for a rundown of the most notable new features in 4.2. 

You should be able to see the new update available as soon as you connect your iPad to iTunes. If not, you may need to keep hitting ‘Check for Updates’ until it refreshes properly. For those of you who have running the latest gold master (developers only) release, iTunes will tell you that you already have the current version – and a check of the direct download link for 4.2.1 shows that is the exact same build number 4.2.1 (8C148). So I’ll be keeping mine as is.

Happy updating y’all. Smile

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10 thoughts on “iOS 4.2 for iPad Is Out Now”

    1. Mute switch works for me. It turns off and on system sounds at least – but not sound for music apps for instance.

  1. I got it – took over an hour to download and install, but it's now on my iPad. I've already put a bunch of things into folders and played with the multitasking (though honestly, there isn't much to play with – though it's a great thing to have).

    If you can either write or link to a detailed how-to on AirPrint that would be great. I can't see any indication anywhere on my iPad about how to make that work, and the blog posts etc that I've sen on this are very general. Also, if there is a list of the 10 supported printers somewhere – that would also be useful information.

  2. I need help!!!!!! When I go to iTunes and hit update, it says 4.2 is the latest. But, when I go to my iPad and select ABOUT it says I'm running 4.2 (8C134). Is this correct? I thought it would say 4.2.1?

  3. I have an problem with AirPlay. I'm using Apple TV (new one) and 4.2.1. I get audio over to the TV, but no video. Same issue with utube, Netflix, and Video. Any ideas?

    1. Likely a network issue of some kind. I can get YouTube to work quite well, haven't tried out Netflix yet.

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