iOS 4.2 Multitasking Bar Adds Volume Controls – Why Not Services Toggles?

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iOS 4.2 Multitasking Bar on iPad

One of the small changes noticed in the Gold Master build of iOS 4.2 for iPad is the addition of a volume control in the Multitasking Bar. So now the far left end of the bar offers an orientation lock toggle (which was much better as a hardware button), brightness control, and iPod basic and volume controls.

So … now we have two controls that were / are far easier to get to via the hardware buttons along the top right of the iPad housed in the Multitasking Bar, and an added volume control. Why??? Why not leave the bloody orientation lock and volume controls alone and add some useful services toggles to the bar? Toggles for WiFi, Cellular Data (on the 3G model), and Bluetooth, would be far more useful and would be logical to place next to the brightness control, as all these influence battery life.

Very odd decisions to duplicate controls that have hardware buttons already – unless this is an indicator that the next iPad model won’t have those buttons at all.

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4 thoughts on “iOS 4.2 Multitasking Bar Adds Volume Controls – Why Not Services Toggles?”

  1. i agree. In fact, after hearing a rumor that the screen lock was going to become a mute switch, I wrote Apple asking them to leave those two things alone. After talking to my son, who is test driving the new iOS and who told me about the soft switches in the dock, I came to the same conclusion. The next iPad will have no switches and will have a camera.

  2. Is there a way to get the Orientation lock hardware button back with a Jailbreak program? I love this button and using it many times a day. Normally I start an app and lock the screen then… this way also working with the soft-button?

    1. Not that I've heard about. Yes, it does appear to still work just fine via the Multitasking Bar if you do it that way.

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