iOS 4.3.1 Was Released Yesterday, Some Users Seeing Improved Battery Life

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iOS 4.3.1 – the latest update to the operating system used by the iPad, the iPhone, and iPod Touch – was released by Apple yesterday. It contains a small number of bug fixes, as you can see in the screenshot above, and no big new features.

Some users – for example those mentioned here – are reporting better battery life since applying the update, including some iPad 2 users and users who were seeing poor battery performance under iOS 4.3.

I’ve only just installed the update an hour or so ago, and I have not had any battery issues with any of my devices on 4.3 – so I won’t likely have much to report on that issue, unless the new update causes any battery problems for me.

How about you guys? Have you applied the 4.3.1 update yet? If so, are you seeing any notable difference in battery performance?

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5 thoughts on “iOS 4.3.1 Was Released Yesterday, Some Users Seeing Improved Battery Life”

  1. Think I actually noticed a change as I was reading this. They seem to have changed the backlight regulation. First I thought it was just different with iPad2 (got it yesterday), but I’ve checked it with my old iPad now and it also have changed now.
    What they have done is that the brightness slider is not correlated to brightness in a linear fashion, like it was before. It is much dimmer at 50% now. If you slide it between 0% and 50% not much change compared with how it changes between 50% and 100%. Also it seems how it is regulated by ambient light is different.

    Anyone else noticed this? Am I correct in my observations?

  2. My perception is that there is much more change from 0-50% and much less going from 50-100%. It’s hard to measure but that’s how it seems to me. Maybe someone who is a photographer would have a light sensor to measure it. I upgraded both my iPad 2 and 1 to 4.3.1 so can’t experiment with any possible differences seen.

  3. I upgraded to 4.3.1 on my ipad 1 and battery life is now atrocious!! I used to get 2 and a bit days of use on one full charge and now I BEARLY get one day with the new update. I use my iPad at work pretty much all day every day and also after hours. This update is a significant step backwards for me wrt battery life.

    1. Ouch, very sorry to hear that. Hope 4.3.2 works better for you – it is said to be coming within a week.

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