iOS 4.3 Gold Master Released for Developers

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Today Apple has released the GM seed, or gold master, version of the soon-to-be released iOS 4.3 for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

A gold master build is generally near identical to the final public release – only likely to change if major bugs are discovered and fixable between GM release and final.

I’m downloading the new build now and will post about any fun new things I see in it if I spot any.

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2 thoughts on “iOS 4.3 Gold Master Released for Developers”

  1. Curious to see how well does this ios runs on the original Ipad. I’m assuming it was designed for the Ipad 2. Any dissadvantages to running 4.3 on an original ipad?

    1. It has run stable, fast, and well for me in all the betas thus far. I’ll install the GM build later, but I imagine it will run perfectly well on an original iPad. When iOS 5 comes along things may get different but I can’t see 4.x versions having any major issues on the iPad first-gen.

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