iOS 5 Apps Compatibility on an iPad 2

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I’ve been running the latest iOS 5 beta on my iPad 2 for a little over a week now. I haven’t had a moment of regret about running the beta – it’s been very solid and stable and I haven’t had any major issues with it.

One of the most pleasant surprises for me in running the beta on the iPad 2 has been how good the apps compatibility is. In running the earlier betas on my iPad V1 (betas 1-4) I’d seen an awful lot of apps that just wouldn’t run at all, that would just continually crash back to the home screen.

I have 175 apps currently installed on the iPad 2. I haven’t done an exact count, but I’d say upwards of 90% of them run on this beta and around 80% run without any issues.

Some apps are less stable (a bit more crash prone) than they were in iOS 4.3.x, a few are mor erratic in performance – but overall apps are performing great. Happily, all of my real mainstay, frequently used apps are running just as well as ever – including apps like Flipboard, River of News, Plain Text, iA Writer, OmniFocus, Evernote, Aweditorium, Instapaper, Analytics App, 1Password, Squrl, Friended, and my two favorite iPad games – Football Manager Handheld 2011 and Flick Golf Extreme. 

One big favorite that does not currently work (launches but crashes before completing transfers) is the excellent Photo Transfer App.

This was my biggest worry prior to installing the beta on the iPad 2 – and I’m very glad to see it was unfounded and that the vast majority of apps are running just fine on iOS 5.

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2 thoughts on “iOS 5 Apps Compatibility on an iPad 2”

  1. 98-99% would be a good news for a beta OS, not certainly 80%! Not for any seriuous use of iPad. So i will reluctantly stick with auld 4.3.3 for some months, at least till Apple would choose not to release alpha stage of their ideas.

  2. I’ve been running the latest beta on my iPad 2 for around 3 weeks now, and had been running earlier betas on my original iPad for many weeks before that. I wouldn’t class these as alpha stage at all. This latest beta is rock solid and perfectly usable on an everyday workhorse device.

    As for the relatively small %age of apps that have issues, I would say that’s down to the developers rather than blaming Apple.

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