iOS 6.0.2 Released – Claims to Fix WiFi Bug on iPad mini

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Yesterday Apple released iOS 6.0.2, an update to the latest version of the iPad’s operating system. The details list for the update is about as minimal as possible, but it does list this item:

Fixes a bug that could impact WiFi

It’s said that this update will fix WiFi problems that some iPad mini and iPhone 5 users have been experiencing.

I’ve not had any WiFi issues at all on my iPad mini. Have any of you? If so, has this 6.0.2 update helped and fixed those? Let us know in the comments.

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4 thoughts on “iOS 6.0.2 Released – Claims to Fix WiFi Bug on iPad mini”

  1. Try looking at Apple Support Communities – iPhone 5 Wifi Issues . Now up to 189 pages of posts and rising fast. There are major issues with Wifi on iPhone5 around the world!!! Lots of returned units with many returning multiple times. You must be lucky.

  2. I had issues yesterday with connecting to a friends wireless network. It would keep coming back with “Incorrect password” although I know the password was correct. Updated to this and BOOM — works fine now.

    Strange this didn’t happen on my home network, perhaps with certain Wireless routers? He has a netgear (I forget the model, a/b/g/n).

  3. i tried EVERYTHING ! nothing is working it still says incorrect password even though its right even after i upgraded to iOS 6.0.2 :( please help

  4. It would be great if they fixed the annoying ‘feature’ where the personal hotspot stops broadcasting wifi if you don’t use it for a couple of minutes, it drives me mad having to keep restarting the feature to reconnect my iPad.

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