iOS 9 Wishlist On MacStories

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Federico Vitcci of MacStories wrote a really great iOS 9 wishlist piece. It’s easy for most anyone to come up with wishlists, but I trust Viticci’s take the most because of how extensively he works on iOS, and how much he has worked on how to work on iOS.

Viticci does almost everything for on his iPad Air 2 and iPhone 6 Plus, so this is a great piece for power users of iOS to see where we’re at, and what Apple will hopefully capitalize on in iOS 9. This is exactly the direction I want iOS to move in for September: bigger, badder extensions; reliable keyboards; a more user-friendly iCloud Drive; and a Siri that you can type to as well as talk to! 

I also think the time is right for a shift in how iOS is presented on the iPad. It does feel like more thinking has gone into how iOS can be presented on the larger screen of the iPhone 6 Plus, and I think the iPad needs to be re-approached to take be more advantage of its larger screen. 


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