iPad Rotation Lock Is Back in iOS 4.3 Beta

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iPad Rotation Lock in Settings

The iPad Rotation Lock is back in the latest iOS beta.

As the screenshot above – from my colleague Brandon – shows, in the current iOS 4.3 beta (released only to registered developers for now) there is a Settings option to use the hardware switch at the top right of the iPad as either a rotation lock or a mute button.

As many of you will recall, when the iPad initially launched the hardware button at top right served as a rotation lock – but the recent, big iOS 4.2 update changed this to a mute switch, and moving the rotation lock function to the far left of the Multitasking Bar. Many users, including me, hated this change.

So this is some very good news in the 4.3 beta. Having the option to set the hardware button as you like is a hugely welcome change. I know mine will be set just as Brandon’s is above.

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