Looks Like iPad WiFi Issues Are Fixed in New iOS 4.2 GM Build

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I’ve been running the new (second) Gold Master build of iOS 4.2 since it was released (for developers) last Friday. The main reason this second gold master (GM) build is said to have been released was to address WiFi issues being experienced by many users of the original GM build.

I was one of those who had intermittent but severe WiFi problems with that original GM build. At least once a day my iPad would show full WiFi signal strength but would lose all connectivity – Mail, Safari, and any other apps that needed online connection would not have any. A quick toggling off and on of WiFi would generally fix it, but it was still a nuisance.

It’s been over three days with the new GM build now, and I have not seen the WiFi issue a single time. So far so good for me on this issue. Hopefully other users of the new build are seeing the same, so that we can see a public release of 4.2 very soon.

What are you all seeing? If you’ve been running the two GM builds, has the WiFi issue been resolved with the new build? (if you were seeing it before)

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2 thoughts on “Looks Like iPad WiFi Issues Are Fixed in New iOS 4.2 GM Build”

  1. Nov 26 and I've upgraded to 4.2 now I have a strong 3bar wifi signal But am seeing very poor wifi speeds. I'm seeing big fluctuations in speed, from .26mbps to 3.6mbps while my iMac shows consistent 9+Mbps and iPhone4 is showing 4+Mbps on the same wireless network. Have completed a RESTORE as advised by Apples tech support. Still have the problem.
    I'm told I have no option to go back to 3.2.2

    1. Wow. That was the verdict from an Apple support rep? If so, I'm amazed – and if it was me I would call again, and escalate to a manager if necessary. That's not an acceptable answer. Unless you have some funky devices or issues on your local WiFi network, then it should work better than that. How does it perform on other WiFi networks? If it's normal / good on those, then likely you need to do some more troubleshooting on your network.

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