Mobile Safari in iOS 5 on the iPad: Tabbed Browsing and More

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Here’s another set of new features coming to the iPad when iOS 5 (the next major operating system update for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch) is released this Fall:

Mobile Safari, the built-in browser app, is going to offer tabbed browsing on the iPad.

It’s also going to have two other new notable features: Safari Reader will offer an ad-free, clutter-free view of web pages, and Reading List – which lets you save web articles for offline reading, ala Instapaper. 

Tabbed browsing is available now in several 3rd party iPad browser apps, but it will be great to see it built into the Safari app.

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8 thoughts on “Mobile Safari in iOS 5 on the iPad: Tabbed Browsing and More”

  1. Here, here, Apple! About time we got tabs in Safari. I hate clicking on the button to see the other Safari windows I have open…

  2. Is there multitouch gestures to switch between tabs? Or the two finger navigation in Lion Safari to go forward or back? I’ve found that to be one of the best features in the new safari.

    1. This is the only feature to make me abandon atom browser for safari. Two finder swipe to navigate through tabs is so convenient

  3. Wow, ipad finally gets tabbed browsing while its already on android tablets. This was one of reasons I handed down my ipad to my daughter and bought the Acer iconia a500. Browsing with the current safari on ipad makes browsing such a painful experience.

  4. Will this new tabbed browsing be an option, I like being able to see the pages I have open.
    Everyone just wants the iPad to be like the desktop or netbook.

    1. I’m not sure, but I imagine there will not be options on this, it will just be a switch to tabbed browsing.

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